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22 ½”h x 15 ½”w x 5“d

Sometimes the glass just flows in exactly the right way. Not always. But when it does, everything just looks so balanced.

This piece was used in my photogram project so make sure to see the gallery lower on this page.

A Voronoi diagram can be simplified as a mathematical concept describing a series of points and the minimum distance needed to reach those points. Sounds complicated, right? Let me simplify.

Consider how cities grow over time. They grow out from the center and continue to grow until they hit an obstacle, like the boundary of another city or a lake. They cannot expand further in that direction and the line of a boundary or region is created.

The pieces of glass that I melt together act the same way as they turn into a liquid. They stretch out uncontained until they reach the other pieces of glass. If you look closely at my work, you can see these faint boundaries frozen in time.

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